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The aim of this project is to create high-quality business cards for STG Services that effectively communicate the company’s brand and the services it offers. The project will involve the following steps:

  1. Define the purpose and target audience: Determine the goals and objectives of the business card and the audience it is meant for, in order to guide the design and content of the card.
  2. Gather information: Collect the necessary information that will be included on the card, such as company name, contact information, logo, and a brief description of the services offered by STG Services.
  3. Choose a design: Decide on the overall look and feel of the card, including the color scheme, font style, and imagery. The design should reflect the personality and style of STG Services and convey a professional image.
  4. Select printing options: Determine the best printing options for the business card, such as paper type, printing technique, and any special features, like die-cut or foil stamping.
  5. Finalize the design: Review the design and make any necessary adjustments to ensure it meets the goals and objectives.
  6. Proof the card: Check the design and information for accuracy and clarity, and make any final revisions as needed.
  7. Print and distribute: Order the final prints and distribute the business cards to the intended audience.
  8. Evaluate the success: After distributing the business cards, take the time to evaluate their effectiveness and make any necessary changes for future print runs.

The final product should be a professional and effective business card that accurately represents STG Services and the services it offers, making a memorable impression on the intended audience.



To create a set of stickers that accurately reflect the values and image of Stick O Company and appeal to its target market.

  • Strategy

    Brand, UX Strategy

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Art Direction

  • Client

    Company X

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